Reviews for Alaskan Ice

This stuff is what makes friendships, and make hilarious memories!

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This is the good stuff that will make you become magnetized to your friend for two hours and then have you crave a Snickers bar.

Amazing, one of the best i've smoked!

i have grown a lot of these now, and can only say that they do not like being indoors- they prefer outdoors.Indoors they are moody, bitchy and more unstable than anything i have grown. Having said that, the diffrence between one batch and another is huge- some has taken months to cure to a fine smell, and some have been smelly from the beginning. It all seems to be strong, but the strongest stuff is rally strong, stronger than its white widow or haze genetics. Have mad a bunch of nice hash and kif out of AI- the taste is no good but the ride is terrific.

In one word AMAZING!!!! This stuff will blow your mind, and make you creative while killing pain, while making you laugh, and will turn your extremities numb!