Cole Train has a sour diesel like aroma in my honest opinon. Even though the genetics say trainwreck. I pick up fuely,skunky,kind of earthy/floral like undertones off of bong rips. You can taste the trainwreck here n there.. It tastes wonderful,grinded up the herb smells very pungent, it will def Skunk a room out real fast when a jar is cracked open or after smoking it. The high of cole train is nice n heady and it also has a nice relaxing,almost numbing body high. The version from my local grower has always been real grade A bomb stuff. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes west coast Sour Diesel(part of the chem Dawg family) to try this strain out. Its highly medicinal imho, works well for my anxiety,creativity and insomnia. Thats shall about do it for this strain report. Stay Medicated