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Very great happy clear high. Vaporizer used and very sweet fruity taste. Would be a great wake and bake as I was tired when I vaped it and woke me right up. Great disk golf smoke. One of my top 5 now :)

Have smoked a lot of this from the last indoor grow. Nice sweet taste. Reminds me of a sweet tart candy. No dirt taste at all. Can make you a little spacey tho. Best way to describe it is "Get up and go weed". Makes you zone in and concentrate on things. Great for wake and bake or projects requiring patience and concentration. Excellent disc golf smoke but bring something to drink and a few munchies.

Very tasty smoke. Nice and relaxing but wouldn't smoke it if you have anything to do. Nice evening/bed time smoke. If you have something to do smoke slowly. Kinda a creeper.

Like this smoke. Nice happy heady high. Faint fruity taste that's good to the last hit. No dirty taste. Takes you up fast with easy bring down. Nice thing is there is no real crash out. A diet Pepsi after 2 hours and within an hour I was 100% sober. Good mid day smoke. Great with disc golf.