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The Blue Dream crumble by Skunk Feather was very light and airy, a little bit hard to get on my dab tool unless I dip it in an oil or something first so the tool is a bit sticky. It was amazingly clean hitting for something with nearly 75% THC, and had no cough and an amazing flavor. The effects were similar excellent, definitely something I will look for again.

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Red Congolese is my #1 daytime sativa for when I need to focus on my work and be productive. Smoking a bowl of this is like drinking a cup of coffee without the jitters and other negatives. Despite its high amount of THC, I never get paranoia or anxiety from Red Congo, it has always been a pleasant buzz.

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A very clear-headed euphoric feeling, I was extremely functional and focused on my work. As someone who prefers Red Congolese, this is my second-choice for a daytime sativa if I cannot find Red Congolese. Headband and Durban Poison both work reasonably well as third-tier choices if I cannot find Karma Wreck. This is one of my favorites.

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