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Introducing the cutting edge of wellness to patients in California. 25:1 CBD drops. Northern California is where it’s at in medical marijuana breakthroughs …and the breakthroughs keep coming from a very famous industry icon who is now releasing their latest breakthrough. Cannabidiol (CBD) medicine, with a genetic ratio of CBD to THC of to 25 parts CBD and 1 part THC. Non-psychoactive alternative goodness & wellness for those who are in need. Now available at leading California dispensaries. WonderCBD is formulated with the highest ratio of CBD in the nation. It is tested by the leading testing lab in Califronia (Santa Cruz Labs) and the results speak for themselves. 25:1 ratio of CBD to THC Tested by Santa Cruz Labs for patient safety and purity [...view full]

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Watered down batch purchased in June 2017. The 8th&9th bottles purchased since Fall'16. Hardly any cbd in the oil. It is almost clear instead of being dark green. Now totally ineffective. Quality control issue or intentional? Wasted $125


The same thing just happened to me! The oil is super light in color, has very little smell and almost no taste. I was told this was made in a lab.

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I have chronic back pain. After my first dose (1 full squeeze of dropper), my pain was gone after 5 hours taking it orally. I've been told it works faster if I were to vape or smoke it. Though I've not tried those methods yet, I do highly recommend this product if you don't like getting high but need the medicinal benefits cannabis provides.

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This product absolutely does work. The first commenter sounds like you need to get something else along with the tincture. Yes it does help with pain but some people's pain may be overwhelming and this is not going to be a magical supplement. You also sound like your doing it for the first time and it may take a time or two for it to really help you.